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Environment-Friendly Candles

By   June 5, 2014

soy candlesHow does one start to be environmentally responsible? “You are what you eat,” said by the nutrition experts. “You are what you use,” says the environmentalist. It is quite easy to achieve the goal of being organic when it comes to eating. However, when it comes to using the things around you, it seems quite impossible. There is however a way for you to enjoy yourself while maintaining harmony with your body and the environment. Did you know that you can actually enjoy the aroma of candles made from a vegetable? Indeed, candles can also be generated using vegetable called soy.

When you go to a spa clinic that utilizes aromatherapy, it is very common to find candles in many scents. The choices are many, but all were provided to either invigorate or relax your senses. Of course, such luxurious accommodations are enjoyed by the city dwellers. The stiff and aching muscles of the workforce are eased by relaxing the senses. Have you ever experienced waking up to the scent of brewed coffee in the morning? Notice how it makes you feel perked up already just from its scent? In the same way, candles do the same.

Ever wondered if the people who enjoy candle making getting to enjoy the candles they make? How about the farmers who plant so that is also being used to make soy candles? Do they know their propensity for being able to enjoy the benefits of their handiwork? Of course, they do.

Healthier Choice. If you are the type of person who derives enjoyment from scented soy candles, you of course will try to seek where to purchase them. Not only they last longer, they produce little soot, sometimes not at all – which makes you want to have a couple of these candles in your storage. The characteristic feature of such candle is that their burning capacity is twice as longer than the paraffin candles, which makes it an in demand product in terms of candles. But how can the farmers be happy with such phenomenon?

Increased Income for Farmers. Well, for one thing, soy is a vegetable, planted by farmers, harvested by farmers and processed by farmers. If skillful and innovative enough, they may also be the same persons who produce and exports the soy candles you bought from the shops. In economics, an increase in demand meant an increase in production. And an increase in demand also means an increase in income – who would not be happy with an increased chance for income growth?

Biodegradable Candles. In addition to the consistent supply of raw materials for making soy candles, by purchasing and using these type of candles, you are helping to make this Earth, a little greener place for the world’s inhabitants. How? Candles made from paraffin wax, which is the most common form that we used, is processed from crude oil. It also burns faster and creates more soot. You should know that crude oil comes from fossil deposits deep beneath the earth’s surface. Scientists dig them up before it can be processed into the many products humans enjoy, like engine oils or petroleum products and gas for the vehicles, as well as energy for the different factories and machineries.

Readily Available Raw Material. Soy candles on the other hand, are processed from soybeans, planted on the earth’s rich soil. It burns longer than the paraffin candles and produces less soot, sometimes none at all. Therefore, the longer that it lasts, the less that one needs to buy. Thus, cutting down on expenses and making the demand for paraffin wax produced from crude oil lesser. Consequently, you help achieve a cleaner air by avoiding using the chemicals that paraffin waxes contain. You also make your candle holder easier to clean with less soot.

More Value for your Money. What’s good with soy candles is that you can really use all the wax in the jar. It is also available in the same fragrances or scents that you like. They are also the same wax that can be formed into shapes that will bring out the beauty and uniqueness of your table centerpieces. Because it is soy, it doesn’t run out of stock from the stores that sell them. Farmers can grow and re-grow soy, meaning candle makers will not run out of the soy needed in making it. Now, you can afford to have some of those beautiful scented candles in the bathroom and accentuate the table as centerpieces without worrying about having to run out of stock.