Qualities of Energy Efficient Room

By   May 18, 2014

energy efficient homesWith the rising price of commodities, everyone’s trying to save as much energy as they could. Turning off the lights when not in use as well as planting trees and installing green roofing are just one of the methods of saving energy. However, you can turn your home to an energy efficient dwelling. An energy efficient house has the following qualities:

Insulation. An energy efficient house should have high R-values of insulation. The R-values are technical terms used to classify building materials in terms of their ability to resist heat. The higher the R value of the building materials used in building your home, the higher is energy efficient. If your heating system and major appliances are located in the basement, it is recommended to have the walls and ceilings properly insulated to reduce the heat that enters the living space of the house.

Heating and Cooling Systems. When you install heating and cooling systems in your home, it should not be too small or too big for the residential use. It is best to consult a heating and cooling system specialist when it comes to choosing the best one for your home. This way, you can determine and control the amount of energy that you used and which is just enough to maintain the heat or cold inside the house.

Windows. If you were not able to determine the insulation capacities of the building materials used in your home, you can still maximize energy use with your windows. If you have large windows, that consistently receives direct sunlight during daytime you can still enjoy the daytime light without enduring the heat. Installing local conservatory blinds can effectively reduce the amount of heat that enters a specific room of the house without reducing the amount of light sufficient for you to perform activities of daily living. You can browse the internet and find varied designs and custom fit blinds or curtains from a MyLocalBlinds site or visit your local window treatment shops.

Exhaust fans. You may have overlooked everything in the construction of your house that it may become air tight, unable to release excess hot or cold air from the inside. Opting for an airtight house is desirable for individuals who have compromised immune systems. Exposure to microorganisms in the air may trigger a life threatening medical crisis that ensuring an airtight house is required. However, you need to release air from time to time to decrease the amount of excessive heat or cold in a room. Installing exhaust fans that are both automatic and manually operated is one of the energy efficient ways in providing a solution for this problem.

Purchasing energy efficient appliances. You may find energy efficient appliances a bit more expensive. However, they can effectively reduce your energy usage, thus saving you substantial amount of money and energy on a monthly basis.

You may not be able to control or examine the building materials used for your own home. However, you can still make amends through your windows and appliances. Consulting environment experts and shops that specialized in conserving energy in the home will be a great help.

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