How Portable Toilets Are Becoming More Eco Friendly

By   February 3, 2015

Throughout these years, a lot of people are becoming more attentive when it comes to the environment. Though, being environmentally responsible is a choice and using portable toilets have been one of the options. This kind of services are still emerging and more and more people are taking advantage to them as it bring great and positive impact to us.

In general, portable toilets contain chemicals like the deodorizer that’s in the holding tank to make it aromatic when used. While green portable toilets are a little bit different. The chemicals used are free from formaldehyde and alcohol that makes the portable loos toxic that’s not good for the nature and even for our health. The waste from the loos should be considered as well, not just the physical features of it. Green portable toilets use chlorine free paper products which can be conserved through dispensing systems.

Events have been organized with an environmental theme would be the best time to make use of a green portable toilet service. For example, a green or garden wedding, this kind of theme have become highly popular nowadays and are commonly situated at homes. There would be many guests that would attend on such occasion which makes using green portable toilets more sensible. When this time comes, you should go for loo hire Cambridgeshire.

Making use of the green portable loos have been promoted not just on themed occasions or events but also on places such as gardens that are showcasing the nature or the environment. Cambridgeshire is very fortunate to have this kind of service around the area as they have a couple of natural parks, gardens and reserves all over the county:

1. Fowlmere RSPB Reserve

Fowlmere’s reedbeds and pools have natural chalk springs that features special birds including kingfishers, water rails, sedge warblers, reed warblers and grasshopper warblers.

2. Peckover House and Garden

Peckover House was built in 1722 where you can find a Victorian walled garden with fruiting orange trees at the back of the house.

3. Wandlebury Hill

It’s a beautiful place to have an early morning walk with your family where you can see woodlands and fields. Wandlebury is open to the public especially when sheep and cattle are not in the field.

Cambridgeshire is such a beautiful and perfect place to reconnect with nature. Throughout these years, people of Cambridgeshire were able to reserve natural parks that they could be proud of. People are fortunate to have these places that they can share together with their family and pass on to the next generation.

Having green portable toilets on these parks or reserves would make the whole place more refreshing as chemicals weren’t used. Making use of portable toilets are not forbidden but having the green ones would be more beneficial to us in terms of health. Cambridgeshire portable toilet hire is definitely a good option for us to encourage everyone to be more considerate when it comes to nature as we would have the most benefits of it.

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