The Role of Green Roofing in Cooling the Environment

By   May 11, 2014

green roofingHow do you spend your summer? Do you travel to a place where the weather is cooler? Do you like to read with the cool breeze in your hair? Do you enjoy relaxing in the shade while water cascades in a pool around you? Such is the relaxing and comforting effect of cool weather that you would desire to have it any time of the day. But that is just impossible to get the whole year through, right?

The front yard is one of the places that you can relax. You can consult landscape gardeners hampstead on the best way to achieve shade during the hot summer months without actually growing a tree. However, when you have a small place and you don’t have enough space to plant trees, what can you do? Plant in pots and cans? Even if you have the time, you would have to look for a place to put them, especially when they grow so big you have to transfer them. Well, did you know that you can do landscaping hampstead on your roof? Indeed, one of the breakthroughs with landscaping is doing it on top of your roof. You can actually grow grass and plants on your roof and provide insulation for the home against the heat.  Aside from getting yourself, what does green roofing do for the environment? Here’s a couple more:

Cools the Air. Notice how cool the air in the countryside is, even on a hot summer day? This is because most of the grounds are planted with vegetation. The plants and soil retain moisture that during a hot summer day, the heat that is radiated down goes through a process called evapostranspiration. As the stored water in the soil and plants goes through this process, it cools the air.This is not likely to happen in the city. The asphalt and cement on highways are dark colored and does not retain moisture. As such the heat is absorbed and evaporates in the evening, making it still hot and warm at night.

When you maintain a garden on your roof, you reduce the amount of heat that is retained in the earth’s atmosphere. Instead of heat rays heating your roof, it will go through the process of evapotranspiration with your garden on the roof. In addition, the asphalt or concrete makings of your home will not have to absorb heat because the green roof will take care of it. This means cooler air inside your home and within your immediate environment.

Therefore, the more people install green roofing, the more the air in the environment will be cooler. You can start gradually by getting acquainted with soil that is best for growing plants and maintain moisture as well.

On a related note, you should also try to wear light and pastel-colored clothes during the hot summer months. Since dark colors absorb heat much faster, you will only get hot and warm with a dark colored shirt. As such, it is better to wear pastel or white shirts during hot summer months – also helps to prevent heat stroke.

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