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The Five Parts That Make An Energy Efficient Home

Energy-efficiency is imperative if you want to keep living costs down and guarantee lower bills. Sure, energy-efficient materials and design really cost a lot, but it does save you lots of money in the future. Building an energy efficient home is an investment that guarantees great results.

1. Insulation

Insulation is well-known as rubber tubing placed right below windows and doors to ensure that air wouldn’t flow in, and the temperature in a room does not flow out. Insulation could also be used to build houses effectively with lesser wood. It also helps cut labor costs by $500 to $1,000 for small houses and it decreases cooling costs by 5%

2. Skylights

Dryers are never efficient appliances. Unless you live in a condo without a balcony, you’ll need a dryer. If you live in your own property, building a skylight helps improve things

Skylights can improve a home’s heating, lighting and ventilation. A room with a skylight could also help dry clothes indoors. Letting the indoor breeze sweep through your house also helps lower the costs in thermostat use. Double glazed windows are worthy allies to save money.

3. Curtains

While you might say a red or a blue curtain isn’t bad for the house, it also makes your bills go down largely. When your tint has a lighter tinge of tan or red, you could have it absorb more heat from the outside. This will help prevent sunlight from exuding too much heat inside your home. It would also help improve your home’s privacy.

A side note with curtains would be to use lighter colors on your walls. It will then absorb more temperature and help reduce the outside temperature’s influence inside your house.

4. Flooring

Unless you’re running an AC in full blast, carpet flooring actually is the idea of energy saving. Carpet stores heat energy, which is useful during the winter season. When you’re at home and the thermostat is turned on, the furry flooring stores the energy and releases it upon interaction with opposing temperatures.

5. Exterior Doors

Some homes have double exterior doors. The purpose of these doors is to trap heat in the room and allow the temperature outside to get trapped in the middle. Exterior doors have different energy-performance ratings; so find the best door that works effectively to insulate your homes.


Cool Roofs: Roofs made from tiles, shingles or anything that uses a reflective material helps reduce the amount of temperature absorbed by homes. However, rooms built on top of these roofs could have some trouble with insulation.

Green Roofs: Planting vegetation on top of your roofs definitely helps you reduce your taxes, your food spending and you are also helping the environment get rid of excess carbon dioxide. Definitely a good choice if you are up to the task.

Sound-Absorbing Insulation: Recording studios have very good ventilation and could be very cold with air conditioning because of sound-absorbing insulation. You could use this in a room in your house and save energy by turning down the thermostat. It may cost a bit to renovate, but the long term benefits are surely worth it.

Convert your loft to an energy efficient living space 2016

By   November 13, 2016

Are you thinking of adding some more space in your home?

There are lots of ways you can do this. One is by adding external house extensions and another is to convert a uselessly empty loft and turn it into something that is of use.

Loft conversions are rapidly revolutionising house extensions. It is widely evolving and improving. Because of this, many homeowners are opting out of external home extensions and choosing a loft conversion method in order to increase their home space.

Lots of benefits can be gained in loft conversions. For example: You already have some extra space in your home mainly the attic but it is very untidy and dusty and not fit for human habitation. So, you convert your loft in order for it to have far more use than just a regular, boring attic.

Another benefit of a loft conversion is how it increases your home’s market value significantly. Compared to external extensions, loft conversions tend to cost a considerably lesser amount and with the massive increase in property value, it’s really no wonder why people opt to loft conversions rather than externally adding space in their homes.

If you plan on building home extensions or converting your loft, there are a lot of things to consider. Like which tradesmen to pick, we suggest London loft extensions, due to their high customer rating. Or the lighting in your newly made room or the designs you are going to employ in the new room. But the most important of these is to plan how your new room or loft will be able to use energy efficiently. This is some of the most important concerns a homeowner has to think about.

There are no downsides in converting a room to an energy efficient one. It is always a great choice considering there are lots of benefits that can be gained in doing so. The government also encourages homeowners to be more energy efficient in their homes.
Here are some benefits in converting your loft to an energy efficient living space:
– Reduce energy bills
People often think of their energy expenses largely as a static and unchanging liability of their homes. Don’t be fooled. Energy consumption is one of the most controllable and versatile aspects in your home. In successfully converting your loft to an energy efficient space, you will be able to cut out a chunk of your energy bill expenses.

– Reduce carbon your home’s carbon emissions
This is one of the main reasons why the government encourages energy-efficient rooms. Lots of buildings contribute to destroying our ozone layer and increasing greenhouse gas emissions. It’s best to counteract this as quickly as possible. One way you can do this is to convert your room to an energy efficient space.

– Enhance comfort in your home
In an energy efficient room, temperature altering devices and appliances are mostly unnecessary. We rely mostly on the natural air mother nature provides. This can definitely give a relaxing feeling to the people living in the room

Considering the great benefits provided by energy efficiency, why not convert your loft to an energy efficient living space?

How To Put Blinds in a Conservatory Without Ruining Your Warranty

By   March 20, 2015

Whether residential or not, many properties have dedicated extra spaces to make into conservatories. A conservatory, by definition, is a room attached to a structure that usually houses plant and flower life. It can also function as a sunroom to relax, lounge in and enjoy nature.

Conservatories are usually with glass roofs and then glass windows. This kind of transparency that comes with the material can be very risky as it can expose you and your belongings inside to the eyes of the public outside. Therefore, it is of great necessity that you cover up those openings to uphold your comfort, privacy and safety.

Even though essentially, a conservatory needs sunlight for flora, for instance, and for some Vitamin D for its occupants, it should be noted that the ultraviolet rays from the sun can be harmful at times of the day and as you invest in window furnishings, you get to have that prerogative to have the windows opened or not, just according to your preferences.

Blinds are one of the many selections you can choose from when it comes to sealing up your window panes to support your needs for shade, ventilation and protection. And the PerfectFit blinds system is like its name, perfect for this venture.

These blinds come in various designs and styles, increasing their value. Yes, aside from their functionalities, they are purposeful for a conservatory’s look and aura as well. There are the pleated perfect fit blinds, which are ones that are made with fabric and are with pleats to bring texture. A standard kind would be the venetian blinds as it has horizontal slats that you can control to give entry to light or not. The roller blinds is another pick – it is of fabric as well and to operate it, you will just roll it up to the top of the window.

Nevertheless, what has not been discussed is that the Perfect Fit blinds have this special and outstanding feature: their installation is so easy! With the window frame that is right in measurement and size, you only need to fit in the blinds. After that, they will stay intact and perform what is required of them. Isn’t that a great deal?

In this way, you will not have to worry about your warranty and ruining it for that matter. Since this window furnishing is less demanding, strong and durable by default, damage and all that will be at the back of your mind. There is just more room to enjoy the benefits that they bring to you and the interiors of your conservatory.

Put up these blinds and you will surely have a purposeful and beautiful space to get in touch with nature. The Perfect Fit blinds are worth every penny you spend it for, since you will not have any problems, again, like for the warranty. This is because the highest quality is offered to you – the warrant will not even be utilised and applied by you. Do it yourself or have a professional come – that’s your decision to come up with.


How Portable Toilets Are Becoming More Eco Friendly

By   February 3, 2015

Throughout these years, a lot of people are becoming more attentive when it comes to the environment. Though, being environmentally responsible is a choice and using portable toilets have been one of the options. This kind of services are still emerging and more and more people are taking advantage to them as it bring great and positive impact to us.

In general, portable toilets contain chemicals like the deodorizer that’s in the holding tank to make it aromatic when used. While green portable toilets are a little bit different. The chemicals used are free from formaldehyde and alcohol that makes the portable loos toxic that’s not good for the nature and even for our health. The waste from the loos should be considered as well, not just the physical features of it. Green portable toilets use chlorine free paper products which can be conserved through dispensing systems.

Events have been organized with an environmental theme would be the best time to make use of a green portable toilet service. For example, a green or garden wedding, this kind of theme have become highly popular nowadays and are commonly situated at homes. There would be many guests that would attend on such occasion which makes using green portable toilets more sensible. When this time comes, you should go for loo hire Cambridgeshire.

Making use of the green portable loos have been promoted not just on themed occasions or events but also on places such as gardens that are showcasing the nature or the environment. Cambridgeshire is very fortunate to have this kind of service around the area as they have a couple of natural parks, gardens and reserves all over the county:

1. Fowlmere RSPB Reserve

Fowlmere’s reedbeds and pools have natural chalk springs that features special birds including kingfishers, water rails, sedge warblers, reed warblers and grasshopper warblers.

2. Peckover House and Garden

Peckover House was built in 1722 where you can find a Victorian walled garden with fruiting orange trees at the back of the house.

3. Wandlebury Hill

It’s a beautiful place to have an early morning walk with your family where you can see woodlands and fields. Wandlebury is open to the public especially when sheep and cattle are not in the field.

Cambridgeshire is such a beautiful and perfect place to reconnect with nature. Throughout these years, people of Cambridgeshire were able to reserve natural parks that they could be proud of. People are fortunate to have these places that they can share together with their family and pass on to the next generation.

Having green portable toilets on these parks or reserves would make the whole place more refreshing as chemicals weren’t used. Making use of portable toilets are not forbidden but having the green ones would be more beneficial to us in terms of health. Cambridgeshire portable toilet hire is definitely a good option for us to encourage everyone to be more considerate when it comes to nature as we would have the most benefits of it.

How To Make Your Home Become Green By Just Spending Below $500

By   July 30, 2014

1. Clotheslines

For condominiums, the only best option is to have a house dryer. However, dryers are large energy-consumers. But if you live in the countryside with a good wind and very sunny weather, build a clothesline rather than having a dryer.

A clothesline is made of five things.

A pulley kit, some custom wires, two metal pipes, fittings and ropes.

If you’ve got a balcony, it’s also an energy-saving way to have a clothesline instead of a dryer.

Have four to five feet spaces in between to give you five lengths of nicely spaced line to hang your clothes on.

Your total cost is often just $69, if you’re using metal tubing rather than thick lumber, this could decrease to just $50. It could also reduce maybe $30 from your monthly bill.

2. Recirculating Pump Under Your Sink

Whenever you spill some of that precious hot water, remember how much energy was spent to heat that water. Water heaters are some of the most consuming electronic appliances in the house. Even if you replace it with a high Energy Star rated appliance, you won’t get too much anywhere.

So it would be wiser to have an on-demand recirculating pump. This pump is installed right underneath the sink and captures the hot water before it exits the tap. So instead of heating your water with a larger mechanism, this runs the water inside the pump again and again using a smaller source, and shuts off when the pump is hot enough.

3. Creating Your Own Green Roof

A Green Roof earns you lots of tax incentives and it creates for cooler rooms inside your home. Reconstructing your entire roof could cost around $300 dollars alone. But the seeds, soil and fertilizer you’ll need could just cost around $200 at best in total. You’ve got a $500 deal that ensures you could get $1,000 reduction on your energy consumption.

Another thing about this project is that it guarantees you could get some consumable vegetation growing for you. Plant lots of these vegetables and harvest them from the top of your roof.

You’re also helping the environment reduce carbon dioxide and help the world have greener, safer air.

4. A Magical Thermostat

For just $240, you could reduce your energy bills using the Nest Learning Thermostat. Sure, you might argue it’s a bit costly, but get two for $480 and you have something below $500 that would save you up to 20% of your monthly bills.

The Nest Learning Thermostat is an intelligent AC controller that interacts with your devices to lower or increase the temperature whenever needed. It also has an auto-scheduler, which learns settings from your daily adjustments to the temperature.

Perhaps its notable feature is to measure the time needed to heat or cool your house. It would then choose the least-energy consuming way to heat up your room, whether slow or quick and additional output or no.

5. The Rain Garden

Now, you’ll just need three things for a small rain garden to help your house deal with water runoff. You could have a cubic yard of topsoil about $27. Two cubic yards of sand costs $30. One cubic yard of composts costs $30.

Compared to a storm drain, you could direct runoff towards this rain garden, which helps grow trees and other plants that suck up the water and reduce the likelihood of excess runoff.

Environment-Friendly Candles

By   June 5, 2014

soy candlesHow does one start to be environmentally responsible? “You are what you eat,” said by the nutrition experts. “You are what you use,” says the environmentalist. It is quite easy to achieve the goal of being organic when it comes to eating. However, when it comes to using the things around you, it seems quite impossible. There is however a way for you to enjoy yourself while maintaining harmony with your body and the environment. Did you know that you can actually enjoy the aroma of candles made from a vegetable? Indeed, candles can also be generated using vegetable called soy.

When you go to a spa clinic that utilizes aromatherapy, it is very common to find candles in many scents. The choices are many, but all were provided to either invigorate or relax your senses. Of course, such luxurious accommodations are enjoyed by the city dwellers. The stiff and aching muscles of the workforce are eased by relaxing the senses. Have you ever experienced waking up to the scent of brewed coffee in the morning? Notice how it makes you feel perked up already just from its scent? In the same way, candles do the same.

Ever wondered if the people who enjoy candle making getting to enjoy the candles they make? How about the farmers who plant so that is also being used to make soy candles? Do they know their propensity for being able to enjoy the benefits of their handiwork? Of course, they do.

Healthier Choice. If you are the type of person who derives enjoyment from scented soy candles, you of course will try to seek where to purchase them. Not only they last longer, they produce little soot, sometimes not at all – which makes you want to have a couple of these candles in your storage. The characteristic feature of such candle is that their burning capacity is twice as longer than the paraffin candles, which makes it an in demand product in terms of candles. But how can the farmers be happy with such phenomenon?

Increased Income for Farmers. Well, for one thing, soy is a vegetable, planted by farmers, harvested by farmers and processed by farmers. If skillful and innovative enough, they may also be the same persons who produce and exports the soy candles you bought from the shops. In economics, an increase in demand meant an increase in production. And an increase in demand also means an increase in income – who would not be happy with an increased chance for income growth?

Biodegradable Candles. In addition to the consistent supply of raw materials for making soy candles, by purchasing and using these type of candles, you are helping to make this Earth, a little greener place for the world’s inhabitants. How? Candles made from paraffin wax, which is the most common form that we used, is processed from crude oil. It also burns faster and creates more soot. You should know that crude oil comes from fossil deposits deep beneath the earth’s surface. Scientists dig them up before it can be processed into the many products humans enjoy, like engine oils or petroleum products and gas for the vehicles, as well as energy for the different factories and machineries.

Readily Available Raw Material. Soy candles on the other hand, are processed from soybeans, planted on the earth’s rich soil. It burns longer than the paraffin candles and produces less soot, sometimes none at all. Therefore, the longer that it lasts, the less that one needs to buy. Thus, cutting down on expenses and making the demand for paraffin wax produced from crude oil lesser. Consequently, you help achieve a cleaner air by avoiding using the chemicals that paraffin waxes contain. You also make your candle holder easier to clean with less soot.

More Value for your Money. What’s good with soy candles is that you can really use all the wax in the jar. It is also available in the same fragrances or scents that you like. They are also the same wax that can be formed into shapes that will bring out the beauty and uniqueness of your table centerpieces. Because it is soy, it doesn’t run out of stock from the stores that sell them. Farmers can grow and re-grow soy, meaning candle makers will not run out of the soy needed in making it. Now, you can afford to have some of those beautiful scented candles in the bathroom and accentuate the table as centerpieces without worrying about having to run out of stock.

When the Heating System Brings you Down

By   June 4, 2014

fire pitJust when you thought you will be spending a nice time lounging around at home on a cold night, built-in heating system breaks down. How can you stay at home when the heating system bugs down? The cold weather season is both a nice and not-so-nice time for the family. When it’s cold, most people usually want to stay at home, lounge around and do nothing. This is also a good time for the family to catch up on their lives and hear each member of the family’s stories.

But due to the cold weather condition, most of your children if not all, will just want to sleep. Cold temperatures also make bacteria and viruses easier to transmit, thus it is uncommon not to experience the common cold and flu. Illness is just one reason to make the home as comfortable as possible to help the sick get well. It would be difficult to bring down a child’s fever in a cold room temperature. Such a situation is quite manageable, except when the heating system breaks down. One would wish a fireplace, right?

But what if you don’t have the space for a fireplace? How can one bring the temperature to a degree that is comfortable, yet far from getting sleepy? This might be a difficult task for you if you have a broken heater or a malfunctioning one.

For those families who planned and oversee the construction of their houses that they were able to include fire pits both inside and outside with efficient garden designs, the coldness will not pose as a problem to them, even if the indoor heating system malfunctions.

If you are just renting a place and the heating system at your place goes busted, it would be difficult to find someone who can put it into proper order especially at night time. You’re lucky if you can find one and one that can repair it in a matter of minutes. Because if you don’t, you might be spending drinking a bottle of wine to get some heat or consume the heat from lighting your kitchen oven.

As such, it is never too much to invest on outdoor fire pits. This mechanical invention has been a good addition to your emergency equipments and will not fail you – as long as you don’t forget to stock on the necessary prerequisite materials for it to emit the heat you need. The best one to get, if you already have a heating system at home is one that operates with the use of coal. It is quite energy efficient and you can set it up in no time.

Some households worry about the smoke it can emit if they will use the fire pit indoor. This is a concern that has been addressed long before. Commercially prepared smokeless coals are already available at specific local suppliers near you.

While it is desirable to have a fireplace, there are instances that one cannot afford to do so. It is also quite an enormous task to clean, though there will be fireplace cleaners you can call to. Putting proper consideration to maintenance, design, appropriateness to your lifestyle and practicality, the use of the portable fire pits are not a bad idea after all. Actually, it’s the best idea there is since you can also spend time outside, like your yard or garden amidst cold weather condition by setting it to where you’re going to spend your time outside.

Qualities of Energy Efficient Room

By   May 18, 2014

energy efficient homesWith the rising price of commodities, everyone’s trying to save as much energy as they could. Turning off the lights when not in use as well as planting trees and installing green roofing are just one of the methods of saving energy. However, you can turn your home to an energy efficient dwelling. An energy efficient house has the following qualities:

Insulation. An energy efficient house should have high R-values of insulation. The R-values are technical terms used to classify building materials in terms of their ability to resist heat. The higher the R value of the building materials used in building your home, the higher is energy efficient. If your heating system and major appliances are located in the basement, it is recommended to have the walls and ceilings properly insulated to reduce the heat that enters the living space of the house.

Heating and Cooling Systems. When you install heating and cooling systems in your home, it should not be too small or too big for the residential use. It is best to consult a heating and cooling system specialist when it comes to choosing the best one for your home. This way, you can determine and control the amount of energy that you used and which is just enough to maintain the heat or cold inside the house.

Windows. If you were not able to determine the insulation capacities of the building materials used in your home, you can still maximize energy use with your windows. If you have large windows, that consistently receives direct sunlight during daytime you can still enjoy the daytime light without enduring the heat. Installing local conservatory blinds can effectively reduce the amount of heat that enters a specific room of the house without reducing the amount of light sufficient for you to perform activities of daily living. You can browse the internet and find varied designs and custom fit blinds or curtains from a MyLocalBlinds site or visit your local window treatment shops.

Exhaust fans. You may have overlooked everything in the construction of your house that it may become air tight, unable to release excess hot or cold air from the inside. Opting for an airtight house is desirable for individuals who have compromised immune systems. Exposure to microorganisms in the air may trigger a life threatening medical crisis that ensuring an airtight house is required. However, you need to release air from time to time to decrease the amount of excessive heat or cold in a room. Installing exhaust fans that are both automatic and manually operated is one of the energy efficient ways in providing a solution for this problem.

Purchasing energy efficient appliances. You may find energy efficient appliances a bit more expensive. However, they can effectively reduce your energy usage, thus saving you substantial amount of money and energy on a monthly basis.

You may not be able to control or examine the building materials used for your own home. However, you can still make amends through your windows and appliances. Consulting environment experts and shops that specialized in conserving energy in the home will be a great help.

The Role of Green Roofing in Cooling the Environment

By   May 11, 2014

green roofingHow do you spend your summer? Do you travel to a place where the weather is cooler? Do you like to read with the cool breeze in your hair? Do you enjoy relaxing in the shade while water cascades in a pool around you? Such is the relaxing and comforting effect of cool weather that you would desire to have it any time of the day. But that is just impossible to get the whole year through, right?

The front yard is one of the places that you can relax. You can consult landscape gardeners hampstead on the best way to achieve shade during the hot summer months without actually growing a tree. However, when you have a small place and you don’t have enough space to plant trees, what can you do? Plant in pots and cans? Even if you have the time, you would have to look for a place to put them, especially when they grow so big you have to transfer them. Well, did you know that you can do landscaping hampstead on your roof? Indeed, one of the breakthroughs with landscaping is doing it on top of your roof. You can actually grow grass and plants on your roof and provide insulation for the home against the heat.  Aside from getting yourself, what does green roofing do for the environment? Here’s a couple more:

Cools the Air. Notice how cool the air in the countryside is, even on a hot summer day? This is because most of the grounds are planted with vegetation. The plants and soil retain moisture that during a hot summer day, the heat that is radiated down goes through a process called evapostranspiration. As the stored water in the soil and plants goes through this process, it cools the air.This is not likely to happen in the city. The asphalt and cement on highways are dark colored and does not retain moisture. As such the heat is absorbed and evaporates in the evening, making it still hot and warm at night.

When you maintain a garden on your roof, you reduce the amount of heat that is retained in the earth’s atmosphere. Instead of heat rays heating your roof, it will go through the process of evapotranspiration with your garden on the roof. In addition, the asphalt or concrete makings of your home will not have to absorb heat because the green roof will take care of it. This means cooler air inside your home and within your immediate environment.

Therefore, the more people install green roofing, the more the air in the environment will be cooler. You can start gradually by getting acquainted with soil that is best for growing plants and maintain moisture as well.

On a related note, you should also try to wear light and pastel-colored clothes during the hot summer months. Since dark colors absorb heat much faster, you will only get hot and warm with a dark colored shirt. As such, it is better to wear pastel or white shirts during hot summer months – also helps to prevent heat stroke.

The Green Home Refurbishing Projects for Starters

By   April 25, 2014

Homeowners are becoming increasing aware of being eco-friendly when it comes to their homes. Of course, such renovations cost at the the start. What is important is that the steps they take may bring them an ROI (return of investment). A good payback of course! In England, many homeowners have come up with their own restructuring of their homes so as to save on electric bills but at the same time make their homes brighter, comfortable and better places to stay.

To start contributing to a sustainable environment, here are some steps:

1. Install Solar Hot Water Heater- solar panels or solar collectors are installed on the roof and a storage tank is fixed horizontally below it. The hot water is filled in the tank naturally without pumping the water mechanically. However, during winter when heat is not sufficiently collected by the solar panels, gas boosters may be used instead.


In England, the government just launched its own policy  of contributing to the green movement. It’s called the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) for domestic and non domestic sector (industrial, commercial and other organizations). The RHI helps in offsetting costs for properties that have installed renewable heating system. Almost similar to a money back program.

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2. Insulate hot water pipes and water heater. This is to avoid heat loss from the inside and the outside. This is a DIY project that in the long run saves electric costs. The tip is to clean all the pipes first before insulating and that all pipes must be completely covered to avoid any leaks. While you’re at it, add insulation to different spaces in your homes particularly the attic and the basement.

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3. Change to LED and/or CFL light bulbs. These bulbs saves you money (electric bills) and the environment in the long run. Many of these bulbs if not all uses up to 75% less energy than the traditional bulbs and last up to 25 times longer. It also does emit as much heat as the incandescent bulkbs.

4. Consider changing your plumbing fixtures. Let’s admit it. Toilet flushes around 30% of the water that we normally use in the household. While many still uses the traditional toilets that flushes 13 litres per use, think about the savings if you change your toilets now.

Many toilets have the dual flush option, the flush have two buttons you can choose to press depending on how much water you would like to use to flush the toilet.

LowFlow_Faucets2 download (4)download (5)

Water-efficient shower heads, faucets, dishwashers and washing machines also contribute to lesser water consumption or using water wisely in our homes. Look for appliances recommended by ECA for faster decision making or those recommended by stable organizations (like waterwise).

5. When those old appliances need to be replaced, consider energy saving appliances. Installing ceiling fans does not only reduce the use of air conditioning but also helps in circulating air inside the house. Energy Star labelled appliances help you identify environment friendly equipments. Choose wisely.

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 It takes a conscious effort of only one household to effect change. Let’s start in our homes now.